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Smart Toll & Traffic Analytics

Efficient toll collection and traffic analytics are essential components of modern transportation systems. At ParkIt, our Smart Toll & Traffic Regulatory solutions blend cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software to revolutionize toll collection and enhance traffic control.

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Toll Management Traffic Analytics

Revolutionizing Toll Collection

Our Smart Toll solution seamlessly integrates hardware and software to redefine toll collection:

  • RFID Readers:

    Fastag-enabled RFID readers scan Fastags, ensuring cashless toll collection and reducing waiting times.

  • Software Dashboard:

    Our intuitive dashboard enables toll payment tracking and categorizes Fastags as Blacklisted or Whitelisted.

Enhancing Traffic Control

Our Traffic Regulatory solution employs ANPR cameras and software dashboards to transform traffic control:

  • ANPR Cameras:

    Cutting-edge cameras identify overspeeding vehicles and vehicles involved in illegal parking.

  • E-Challan Issuance:

    The software automatically issues E-Challans for overspeeding and illegal parking violations.


  • Efficiency:

    Fastag-enabled toll collection reduces congestion and waiting times.

  • Accuracy:

    RFID and ANPR technologies ensure accurate toll collection and violation detection.

  • Real-time Monitoring:

    Software dashboards provide real-time insights for efficient management.

  • Enhanced Security:

    Traffic Regulatory system enhances road safety and reduces violations.

  • Revenue Growth:

    Efficient toll collection and E-Challan issuance contribute to revenue enhancement.

How it works

  1. Smart Toll Solution:

    Fastag Scanning: RFID readers scan Fastags for cashless toll collection.

    Payment Tracking: Software dashboard tracks toll payments and Fastag classification.

  2. Traffic Regulatory Solution:

    Overspeed Detection: ANPR cameras identify overspeeding vehicles.

    Illegal Parking Detection: Cameras identify vehicles involved in illegal parking.

    E-Challan Issuance: Software automatically generates and issues E-Challans.

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