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Fastag Based Parking Solution for Malls and Public Pay & Park

In high-traffic areas like malls and public pay & park facilities, managing parking and ensuring seamless payment processes can be challenging. At ParkIt, our Fastag Based Parking Solution Solution is a game-changer, designed to enhance user experience and revenue collection while simplifying payment methods.

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Malls & Pay-N-Park
Key Features

  • Fastag Integration:

    Our solution seamlessly integrates with Fastag, enabling cashless transactions and reducing payment hassles.

  • POS Machines:

    We offer advanced POS machines for easy payment processing, ensuring swift and convenient transactions.

  • Hourly Charging:

    Our system supports hourly charging for parking, catering to visitors who need short-term parking options.

  • Real-time Space Availability:

    Users can check real-time parking availability through our app, minimizing time spent searching for a spot.

  • Automated Payment:

    Automated payment processing ensures smooth exit and minimizes waiting times.

  • User-friendly App:

    Our app allows users to conveniently pay for their parking, track payment history, and manage their account.


  • Convenient Payments:

    Fastag integration and POS machines make payment hassle-free and quick.

  • Flexible Charging:

    Hourly charging suits short-term visitors, optimizing revenue collection.

  • User Experience:

    Real-time availability and automated payment enhance user satisfaction.

  • Revenue Enhancement:

    Efficient payment collection and reduced manual intervention contribute to revenue growth.

  • Seamless Entry/Exit:

    Automated processes ensure smooth entry and exit for visitors.

  • Vehicle Record:

    Maintain a database of vehicle entry time, exit time, duration, payment mode, through our ANPR Cameras and RFID Readers.

How it works

  1. Vehicle Entrance: Vehicle enters the mall or pay and park to park their vehicles.

  2. Vehicle Recognition: Our ANPR Cameras captures license plate. Our RFID readers reads FASTAG on the vehicle.

  3. Vehicle Registration: The vehicle is checked in. Entry timestamp is printed on the receipt as proof of parking with vehicle number, entrance time and corresponding details.

  4. Blacklisted / Whitelisted: Identification of Fastag being Whitelist or Blacklist. Allows the supervisor make a Fastag whitelisted with due reasons.

  5. Monthly / Fleet: Provides pass for monthly pre-paid users, show their validity, and permits entry. Fleet vehicle like Ola, Uber get entrance as per available reserved spaces.

  6. Vehicle Exit: Exit time of the vehicle is captured and appended to corresponding details. Charges are auto calculated on basis of their duration.

  7. Security Dashboard: Security personnel can find vehicle details and space availability, collect payment as Fastag/Cash/Card/UPI.

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